Tima.G Commercial “The Beauty Within”


Tima.G Commercial “The Beauty Within”
Client: Chic Designs
Director: Domenico Cutrupi
Executive Producer: Fatemeh Nasserzadeh
Producer: Domenico Cutrupi & Savanna Franklyn
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Rosenbjork
Model: Laura Auffray, Owen Unruh
Cinematographer: Yong Jin Kim
Music: Claudio Smussi
Production Designer: Juvel Jeo
Make-Up Artist: Kaci Jae Wilkins
Camera Operator: Juvel Jeo
Editing: Domenico Cutrupi
Special Thanks to Crystal Davis for providing the location, the beautiful Crystal’s View Bed&Breakfast, and to Mert Daglaroglu for graphic consultation.


Tima’s Fall and Winter 2015- 16 line is a collaboration of the amazing architecture we are surrounded by with our desires for a well fitting and flattering gown. Inspired by architectural creations all around the world, especially those of Zaha Hadid and others, the gowns are a celebration of humans’ creative power.