Natural Balance and Bullfrog Power: The Greenest House in Canada (2012)

Client: Natural Balance and Bullfrog Power
Executive Producer: Jiggy.Tv
Producer: Julia Rhodes and Domenico Cutrupi
Director and Editor: Domenico Cutrupi
Interviewees: Nick Kerchum and Christine Carter

Join Julia Rhodes, as she takes the viewers on a tour of Canada’s Greenest Home, with the Natural Balance Home Builder representative Nick Kersham and Bullfrog Power representative Christine Carter explains how having a 100% green house can help you save money and the environment.

Jiggy.TV features the greenest house in Canada to give inspiration and to inform people about the advantage of having a great efficient house without compromising the environment. Natural Balance Home Builder is specialized in custom built house and makes it unique in its own way. They reduce the amount of energy that home use and make sure that the source of energy used is clean. Nick Kersham from Natural Balance Homes shows the environmental friendly features of the home. Natural Balance Home Builder uses Bullfrog Power with 100% green energy, from the thermal mats on the floor up to the solar tubes on the roof. Bullfrog Power provides a 100% renewable electricity choice to everyone. Green natural gas is a clean, renewable alternative to conventional natural gas and, in combination with green electricity, makes running a house or building on 100% renewable energy a reality. Christine Carter of Bullfrog Power tells the viewers about Bullfrogs renewable power sources. Through Bullfrog Power, they are able to have a low impact renewable electricity option and uses wind power.

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