My Career Playbook – Profile Video


Client: My Career Playbook
Executive Producer: Doug Kooy
Producer, Director and Editor: Domenico Cutrupi
Actor: Elliot Harada

With MyCareerPlaybook your students will have an engaging easy to use web-based resource that provides them with great information on hundreds of careers and helps them make thoughtful, well researched career decisions. MyCareerPlaybook takes the daunting and sometimes fearful task of career planning and makes it exciting giving your students control and confidence with planning their future.

As the strategic game plan for your students’ success, My Career Playbook provides real-world information on career planning that helps students take their 12 years of learning and leverage it into a successful future. Schools, teachers and counselors play a key role, translating learning into life skills so students can create a concise playbook toward post-secondary success!

My Career Playbook – Tips and Tools Section gives you lots of helpful information on choosing and preparing for a career and job hunting while you are still in school like:

– Writing Your SATs
Oh the dreaded SATs. They don’t have to be so daunting. Check out this section to learn more about the SATs and how your can prepare for them.

– Getting a Job
Yes we all have to get a job some time. Finding that first job while you are still in school can be a bit tricky. A great resume and solid interviewing skills can go a long way to helping you succeed.

– Career Testing
Not sure which career is right for you. A career aptitude test can be really helpful in pointing you in the right direction by helping you better understand which careers best fit your personality and skills.

– Post-Secondary Education
Going to university or college is a big decision. Why college? What is college life like? What do I need to do to prepare? We can help with these questions and much more.

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