International Wastewater Systems


International Wastewater Systems – Corporate Film

Client: International Wastewater Systems & SHARC Energy Systems
Director: Domenico Cutrupi
Cinematographer: Yong Jin Kim
Script Supervisor: Ulla Laidlaw
Production Coordinator: Cameron Whitelaw
Animation: Anthony Madani
Graphics and Titling: Aleksandar Videocode
Drone Operator: Ali Miri for UAViation Aerial Imaging Solutions Ltd.
Editing: Domenico Cutrupi
Music: Claudio Smussi and James Aurus

Operated by a team of technical and engineering professionals with over 100 years of experience in the heating, ventilating and geo-exchange industries, IWS has designed and developed a new method for extracting waste heat from raw sewage flows.

SHARC Energy Systems is the UK-based wholly owned subsidiary of International Wastewater Systems Inc. (CSE: IWS Frankfurt: IWI)

The SHARC system benefits include:

-Energy savings and primary energy cost reduction of 30-85%
-Reduced CO2 and GHG emissions
-Easy install into new or existing infrastructure
-Trouble free operation and maintenance with a long product life-cycle
-LEED® points towards your sustainable design


-Available in sizes ranging from 4 inch (100 GPM) to 8 inch (1500 GPM) and multiples of those sizes to fit your flow requirements
-Factory prewired DDC control system with proprietary software and touch screen control. Includes an email alert system for warnings, remote monitoring and data trending
-Reverse flow back flushing
-Equipment mounted on heavy duty modular skids
-Designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada and the USA