International Wastewater Systems – Message from Lynn Mueller, CEO and President

Client: International Wasterwater System
Producer, Director and Editor: Domenico Cutrupi

Lynn Mueller speaks on global climate change and the company vision.

International Wastewater Systems was founded by a team of technical and engineering professionals with over 100 years of experience in the heating, ventilating and geo-exchange industries. We are committed to our environment and are committed to manufacturing quality products that positively impact our environment, saving resources and unnecessary expense for heating and cooling.

Using our innovative proprietary product, “The Sewage SHARC”, we can produce domestic hot water and heat & cool large multiple unit residential developments and commercial buildings. We can handle installations such as hotels and our scope extends to energy districts and supplemental use on large geothermal installations.

We use raw sewage as the medium. The more sewage we have access to, the more work we can do.

The thermo-mechanical methods used in our system are efficient, cost effective, scalable and reliable.
SHARC system benefits include:

-Energy savings and primary energy cost reduction of 30-85%

-Reduced CO2 and GHG emissions

-Easy install into new or existing infrastructure

-Trouble free operation and maintenance with a long product life-cycle

-LEED® points towards your sustainable design


-Available in sizes ranging from 4 inch (200 GPM) to 8 inch (1000 GPM) and multiples of those sizes to fit your flow requirements

-Factory prewired DDC control system with proprietary software and touch screen control. Includes an email alert system for warnings, remote monitoring and data trending

-Reverse flow back flushing

-Shipped on heavy duty modular skids

-Designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada and the USA

International Wastewater Systems is dedicated to providing quality products and services. Our socially responsible operations worldwide will ensure our customers receive superior value and will share in our employees and business partners success.

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