JiggyCafe’ “Cheese Fondue”

Client: Jiggy.Tv
Producer and Writer: Julia Rhodes and Domenico Cutrupi
Director and Editor: Domenico Cutrupi
Host: Victoria Vice and Raquel Riskin
Guest: Paul Acher

Join Jiggy Cafe with Julia Rhodes and co-hosts Victoria Vice and Raquel Riskin as they invite a gourmet Chef, Paul Archer, onto the show to demonstrate how to make Cheese Fondue! Yummy!!!

Do you love cooking shows? Then you’ll enjoy this episode Jiggy Cafe ladies go on location in a Gourmet Kitchen, chop apple and bread to dip into the fondue as well as prepare the delicious wine and cheese fondue mixture.

This is the part one of three, Jiggy Cafe Christmas miniseries. We made the snobbiest of food snob’s mouth salivate. The succeeding parts of this video about making a tart and making perfect Christmas Mince Pies.

Special Thanks to Jim Michaels, Co-Executive Producer of Television series Supernatural, for generously providing the Location.

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